Millennials take a lot of guff: you’ve been called lazy, materialistic, and spoiled. You live with your parents, have a

sense of entitlement; are suspicious toward banks and Wall St; and you bounce from one job to another.

Here’s a reality check

You account for 1/3 of the workforce, have over $1.5 trillion in purchasing power, and in many ways, you outshine previous generations when it comes to making money decisions. More than one-third of you has a monthly savings goal (that’s double the number of Boomers); and you’re constantly increasing your retirement contributions.

It’s tough out there

Not bad for a generation that’s saddled with staggering college loan debt, historically low wages, and an uncertain financial future. Not to mention having witnessed your parents’ nest eggs suffer during 9/11 and the 2008 recession. In short, your financial challenges are unlike any that preceded you.

You’ve got strengths

You’re not only the largest generation in American history, you’re the best educated. You are aware of the dangers of too much debt, and of living beyond your means. You view success not just in terms of dollar signs, but in autonomy, self-respect and making meaningful contributions. And, having grown up with social media, you understand the power of knowledge.

And a secret weapon

It’s your age: you are young, and have a long investing horizon for accumulating wealth….if you make sound choices, and start right now. This website is designed to help you turn information into your wealth-building tool. So you can start creating a financial future that’s 73 million strong.


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